SCF fick ett meddelande från Kendra Valentine. Kendra som skriver om mat på sin blogg har bestämda synpunkter på hur man ska tillaga riktiga Buffalo Wings.

Dear Sweden:

Please, please, please stop making wings with sweet chili sauce, and then calling them Buffalo wings. It is misleading, and frustrating. I love you, but this I can not accept. We need to talk…

Buffalo wings are made with a tangy cayenne peppar and vinager based hot sauce, most popular is Frank’s Red Hot. Now, I know we can’t just go out and buy the original Frank’s Red Hot in stores here… but there is always a compromise better than sweet chili sauce… and finally I’ve found it in Stockholm: Piri Piri hot sauce.

Piri Piri is made with African bird’s eye chili, which is slightly more fruity and has a higher scoville rating (heat), however these vinager based prepared hot sauces in the market are not so hot, so don’t worry.

It’s a really simple process:

Fry your wings… (I am still working on writing my ultimate buffalo wing technique, but check this blog out for some awesome info on the science of the perfect fried wing!)

While they are frying, mix together melted butter and Piri Piri sauce… I like to use a ratio of 1:2 … or about 75g butter for every 150g piri piri sauce (add more if you like it spicy.) This will be more than enough sauce for 1kg of chicken wings.

Any questions? Just ask. Friends don’t let friends eat fake Buffalo wings. And yes, even the wings in the frozen section of the market in Sweden seem to have missed this detail.

Kendra Valentine

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